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Account-Based Marketing transforms how Sales and Marketing approach Business Development. Sales and Marketing is now an AWESOME TEAM building a quality Sales Funnel, shortening Sales-Cycles, and increasing revenue. It’s all come together with Marketing Technology Platforms, Big Data, CRM integration, Demand Gen, accurate primary and secondary account research, and targeted personalized content.  . 

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Something’s got to give. Cold calling is dead.  Outdated lists rarely get a conversation with influencers and decision makers.  Emails without Content-Intelligence don’t get good responses either.  Tension between Marketing and Sales is rising, Sales Development turnover is high, and sales-cycles are too long.

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With a 95% Accuracy Guaranteed (including Direct Dials), DiscoverOrg B2B Data that’s verified Continuously by 250+ researchers. Data updates can sync to your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform too.

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